February 22, 2017

I had two small but significant gym-related victories this week.

  1. There’s a guy who’s always there when I am (he’s at the gym for like 2 hours at a time so this isn’t that shocking). I think he considers the gym his “social” time which WHY IS THIS A THING? Once he actually approached me while I was working out in the back room and kept up a conversation with me for literally a full half hour. I was afraid of being impolite so I humored him. I finally decided, fuck that, I’m here to work out, and now I smile and say “good morning” and keep walking. The other day he followed me into the back room to talk and after a polite greeting I just kept working out and paid no attention to him. He stood around awkwardly and then left. I think he finally got the point because he hasn’t tried it again.
  2. I was doing bench presses which I’ve avoided because the bench and bar are in the middle of the freeweights area and usually meatheads* make me feel awkward and insecure (for the record, this is all my fault, not theirs). This beefy guy walked into the area to see if the bench was free. He wasn’t rude or impatient or anything, he was just checking. My first thought was “I should stop using this, he obviously needs it more than I do,” but then I told myself NO. You have every right to take up space just as he does. Finished my set and then walked away and felt pretty good about it.

*My husband and I use this term for any built guy who goes to the gym a lot and lifts heavy weights. I think he actually qualifies as one.